Fabrication Services


Fabrication Services


Iten has almost 45 years of experience fabricating parts from our own UL
listed high-pressure laminates, vulcanized fibre, glass polyester sheets,
pultrustions, and other thermoplastic and thermnoset materials.


Punching Services Fabrication

  • Quality and productivity are optimized with Iten built punching dies
  • Iten punches prototype, short run, and high volume orders with multiple shipments
  • Paper phenolics, glass polyesters, glass epoxies, vulcanized fibre, polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, nylon, Kapton, Nomex, and Formex are typical of materials processed
  • Iten can CNC punched materials of all sizes
  • Iten manages raw material, KANBAN, and other parts inventory programs¬†
  • Cut-To-Size, Sanding, And Slitting Services

  • Material preparation is part of Iten’s Ohio fabrication department and its Chicago Distribution Center
  • Iten slits, saws, and shears strips from it’s own laminates, glass polyesters, vulcanized fibre, and other themoplastic and
    thermoset materials
  • Materials up to 2’ thick can be sanded to tolerances of +/-.008” for
    full sheets and +/- .002 for cut-to-size blocks
  • Sawed blocks can be cut to length/width tolerances of +/-.010”
  • Vulcanized Fibre and rag paper can be slit to width tolerances
    of +/-/010”
  • Iten makes and slits epoxy pre-preg
  • Iten can slit coils up to 56’ wide and 48’ in diameter

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