Thermoplastic Injection



  • Iten has more than 35 years experience as an injection molder of
    thermoplastic parts
  • Thermoplastic molding is part of 100,000-sq. ft. injection molding
  • Iten performs fully-automated insert molding of thermoplastic parts
  • Nylons, PBT, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene,
    Polycarbonates ABS, Acrylics, Polyesters, and LCP are typicalThermoplastic Injection Molding
    materials processed
  • Overmolding also offered
  • Prototype, short runs, and high volume parts to close tolerances
  • Thermoplastic materials in standard industry or custom colors
  • Excellent heat tolerances and stability
  • Applications

  • Industrial parts
  • Electrical components
  • Consumer products
  • Medical systems
  • Aerospace components 
  • Specifications

  • Parts are molded with conventional multi-cavity and 2-plate or
    3-plate tools; some with hot runner systems
  • Molding machine capacities are up to 500 tons clamping pressure
  • Secondary assembly, labeling, and special packaging options  
  • Testing

  • Continuous process monitoring and production reporting system
    are utilized

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