Tooling And Mold Making


Tooling And Mold Design

At Iten Industries, we pride ourselves in creating tooling that delivers Tooling and Mold Making
consistent parts for many years. We have the resources and capabilities to build tooling and molds that are not only constructed to precise customer specifications and dimensions, but also furnish a long, cost-effective service life.

  • Developing tooling for a diverse range of customers is a vital part of our support
  • Our tooling engineers and specialists work closely with customers in designing tooling that precisely meets their needs and requirements
  • We continually make recommendations to customers about the building of molds that produce more parts at lower overall production and assembly costs
  • Your project will be designed and built by true craftsmen using CAD/CAM software and EMD equipment
  • The mold finish is critical to quality of the finished part. Thus,
    Iten Industries tooling experts ensure the highest quality
    finish possible


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